Connectify Hotspot Pro 2023 Crack Free Download

Connectify Hotspot Pro Crack included is made to improve your Wi-fi activities. You can do a lot of things via your wi-fi, and you don’t even know, how much interesting things you can do by using your Connectify Hotspot Pro.

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Connectify Hotspot 2023 is newly released and loaded with a lot of new features e.g. as follows.

  1. Windows 10 Support.
  2. Real-time Network usage graph.
  3. Unlimited hotspot uptime for all users.

Connectify Hotpost Key Features

Connectify hotspot has a free version for all users, and its features are

  • Easily Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot and Connect all your Devices
  • Share Any Type of Internet Connection (Wired to Wi-Fi)
  • Enjoy Safe and Secure Sharing
  • Monitor Network Usage By Device
  • Fling Files to Connected Devices (limited)

Connectify Hotspot PRO Features

Connectify Hotspot PRO is premium version and allows you more features of connectify, that are not included in Free Version of Connectify.

  • Share Internet from 3G, 4G and 5G Networks
  • Get Ethernet-only Devices onto Wi-Fi
  • Custom Hotspot Naming
  • Fling Files to Connected Devices (unlimited)

Connectify Hotspot MAX Features

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Connectify Hotspot MAX is the second and last premium that allows you extra advanced features of Connectify, that are not included in Connectify Hotspot Free and Connectify Hotspot PRO Version.

  • Wi-Fi Repeater Mode
  • Bridging Mode
  • Custom IP and DHCP Controls

 Connectify Hotspot Crack:

  • Download Setup and Crack.
  • Install the software. It will ask you to reboot. Reboot it.
  • Now, close all the tabs of connectify, from taskbar, system tray, and even from Task Manager.
  • Now, go to Crack Folder (you have downloaded it in first step) and copy Cracked “Connectify.exe” file and past it to installation directory (Where you have installed connectify)(by default it is C:\Program Files\Connectify).
  • That’s it.

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